November 2016



From now on, Azur Evasion competes with long-haul flights ! We offer an onboard entertainment system in one of our coaches.

In a more and more connected world, passengers do not only want to relax but also keep in touch with their relatives or friends. Azur Evasion offers its passengers an advanced distraction system to make the trip more enjoyable.

Multimedia and interactive content are offered in one of our coaches (TV shows, movies, series, reports, music, press and games) and remain easy to access from the passenger’s own device (smartphone IPhone and Android, tablet or computer).

In this coach equipped with electrical sockets and USB port at each seat, this new service also gives the opportunity to have an internet access by connecting to the internal Wifi network of the vehicle.

In advance of the technologies, installed in Marseille and well known as the most modern coach park in the region, Azur Evasion invites you to take advantage of this unique service in France.

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