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Quality, flexibility and safety:  we make every effort to provide you the best transportation service.



Visit our vehicles as if you were on board!


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See our photo reports and our customers feedback. They illustrate the extent of our know-how and of services we’re offering.

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About Us

Founded in 2007, Azur Evasion is a company specialized in road passenger transport.

Aware of increasing transportation needs and tourism expansion in the city of Marseille and its area, Azur Evasion very soon took into account the particular requirements of tourism transportation, equipping itself with most modern means. Therefore, our company also set social, safety and environmental requirements that go hand in hand with quality demand.

Our strength lies in reliability, flexibility, competitiveness and adaptability. Thanks to our organization, our human resources and our economic performances we can provide services with benefits challenging those of large companies combined with flexibility and dynamism of small businesses.

Technical Means

Since its creation, Azur Evasion has operated a consistent fleet, always using modern technologies and sophisticated information technology tools.

Safety Procedures & Controls

Azur Evasion carries out strict inspections and implements well-defined procedures to ensure total safety to travelers. Read More…

Social policy

Aware of the many challenges Azur Evasion is facing, we care very much for our staffs and attach great importance to our employees. Learn more