Riou Island !

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The largest of the eponymous archipelago located in the Calanques National Park, the island of Riou was first accessible by land before being accessible only by sea. 🏝  Used by fishermen then for military purposes but also by smugglers, Riou is now famous for the quality of its seabed with its caves and ancient wrecks, some of the most beautiful diving spots in France !

Freediver, Christophe therefore had a good reason to name his coach after his favorite places. 🤿  Driving a double-decker requires real quiet force, as much as snorkeling, to maneuver over 13 meters long and 4 meters high ! Being able to transport 78 passengers is an undeniable asset for all your excursions, seminars and conventions in Marseille and the region. The 5 double deckers of the fleet are also popular for trips in France and abroad! 🌍

The +?  
Two tables on the lower deck, 6-screen video, double fridge, multiple large storage compartments and USB ports, all in a high-end coach, design and in the utmost comfort ! 🌟

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