Regulation & Safety

The coach is the safest mode of road transport. Despite this exemplary performance, safety remains our top priority.

To ensure the proper functioning and cleanliness of the vehicles, Azur Evasion has an integrated workshop. Mechanics and drivers work closely together to leave nothing to chance.

Daily checks and regular visits to the workshop keep the vehicles in a very good permanent condition.

We carry out regular checks of our coaches and the continuous training of our staff allows us to offer you ever more efficient drivers who are familiar with new technologies.

Our company is very attached to respecting social regulations and is committed to them (duty hours, driving time, daily and weekly rest, etc).

We ask our customers to take into consideration, for the realization of their trips, the social regulations applicable to coach drivers and detailed below :

 The daily driving time is limited to 9 hours. Twice a week it can go up to 10 hours;

The weekly driving time is limited to 56 hours;

The total driving time during a fortnight is limited to 90 hours;

The driver must record as “other task” on the tachograph the working time during which he is not driving,

Tafter 4 ½ hours of driving the driver must take a break without interruption of at least 45 minutes or 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes during the same period;

Between two weekly rest periods, a driver cannot take more than 3 daily reduced breaks ;

During a fortnight a driver can take only one reduced weekly rest. In this case the reduction is compensated by an equivalent rest period taken in block before the end of the third week;

If a driver wishes, daily rest and reduced weekly rest may be taken in the vehicle only if the vehicle is stationary and has suitable sleeping equipment.

When the driver takes a rest period when the vehicle is transported aboard a train or a ship, this time may be interrupted a maximum of 2 times for a maximum total of one hour. In addition, the driver must have a bed.


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