June 2020 – Summer is coming!

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While continuing its activities for the past three months, Azur Evasion has maintained contact with its customers and we are now rewarded! The activity soars with the arrival of sunny days and summer vacations.

You are more and more to tell us about your new projects giving rise to even more hope. The watchword is unchanged: security! For this purpose, Azur Evasion always provides masks to passengers who request them.

This increase comes at the right time: we are once again proud to present the long awaited new vehicles: seven coaches, three vans and a minibus! They come along with our existing and varied fleet!

For all your travels, think Azur Evasion: sedan, van, minibus, coach, double-decker coach, even mehari, we have the answer!

Contact the sales department: [email protected] who will send you a quote at the soonest. To ensure continuous monitoring, our services are available 24/7.

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