Non classé

👦 I am a coach driver at Azur Evasion. Find me on the roads as long as there is asphalt and … listen carefully : I listen to music whenever I have time !

 💙 Long-distance travel is my favorite playground. I like to drive my passengers to places yet unexplored, just for their pleasure. This job brings me moment of sharing and exchange every single day and, in general, my days end with a smile and images filled in my head!

 👉 As you can well imagine, I am passionate about music : tinkering, cooking, hiking, in the morning, in the evening, on romantic weekends ! I am happy to lower the volume during a drink or a meal with friends 😅. A few years ago, I set aside a childhood dream : to play music in a band. Need a drummer, I am your man ! 🥁

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