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👦 I am Director – Founder of Azur Evasion and passionate about all transport means ! I determine the company’s medium-to-long term strategy and I support all employees to achieve our goals together and share fundamental values. I also participate in operations when the activity requires it : in my opinion, this is essential for interacting with drivers and maintaining my driving skills.

 💙Warm welcome, service and travel are just a few elements that give meaning to our profession. Transport is essential and it is up to us to make it pleasant.

 👉 Free time is precious so I use it whenever possible to practice sport or go to the mountains. Marseille’s proximity to the Alpine massif is a real asset that allows me to stay close to the nature and where I stop to check out the ski lifts 🚠, funiculars and other local means of transport : can’t ignore them when passing by. 😉

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