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 👩 I am responsible for all regular services at Azur Evasion. I secure the operational follow-up and supervise the teams of drivers assigned to these services. Always on the move for the smooth running of operations and promote the image of the company with the organizing authorities !

 💙 Transportation was already my choice 10 years ago ! Every day is different from another; the dynamism of our activity and my position suits me perfectly. I enjoy being close to the drivers with whom a friendly bond is established during our discussions. Maintaining mutual trust with our partners is another aspect that I love. And not to forget my friends at the office, with whom we form a formidable and united team 💪

 👉 I am above all a fashion fan ! I am also passionate about literature and devour books of all kinds one after the other. And what better than to surround yourself with a wonderful landscape in our beautiful region. Hiking in the great outdoors is an activity that I practice regularly, summer and winter.

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