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👦 The entire Azur Evasion fleet has already passed through my hands ! From the 8-seater van to the 78-seater double-decker coach, I wanted to end a 35 year police career by retraining in driving passenger vehicles 👮‍♂‍👏

 💙 This job gives me many important satisfactions, especially human ones. Examples are second to none ! I have met several thousand travelers from all walks of life and no less than 67 different nationalities (yes, I did count!). Hasn’t a lover, at the microphone of my bus, declared his love and asked for the hand of the one who loved him? I had the privilege of enjoying special moments, sharing passengers’ joys and sorrows. A coach is a microcosm that sociologists should definitely study!

 👉 Travels are a major part of my personal life. As for my free time, I fill it with computers, music and singing. But I am also in love with long and distant motorcycle rides, a few hiking or mountain biking in our extraordinary Provençal hills. The world is beautiful and I love to see it, whatever the means.

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