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👦 I am a touring driver at Azur Evasion. I joined this modern, dynamic and forward-looking company 7 years ago. I am mainly appointed to national and international transport, for short or long stays.

 💙 I answered the call of the road in the early 1980s … 35 years and a few million kilometers later, it is with the same passion that I still drive the wheel today ! Being around people from different backgrounds over the days is always so rewarding for me. Driver and guide, I manage and ensure the smooth running of the stay. I advise clients on how to beautify their trip.

 👉 My free time is full ! I love to tinker, innovate and maintain my home. Photography 📸 is one of my favorite hobbies. When I feel like getting away, I go up the via ferrata of our beautiful region and more recently I have been practising skydiving. 🪂

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