March 2015

From Bouches-du-Rhône to Calvados! In March, while heydays are appearing, all company’s buses continued to travel smoothly, with enthusiasm. In this way, one of our buses travelled across France around 2000 km to take a beautiful picture in front of the Basilique Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux (Calvados)! A group of pilgrims...

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February 2015

Azur Evasion is travelling! On this season of carnivals, as many as 6 Azur Evasion‘s buses travelled from Marseille to different points in the Venice’s region. The city with 188 little islands and 400 bridges hosted once again our buses amongst thousands of persons already attending the event. All journeys were made by night...

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January 2015

Your convention or annual seminar! Azur Evasion was mainly selected for the quality of its buses in the transport of more than 600 people during 2 days. A network of estate agents organized its annual convention in Marseille bringing people from all over France. In order to achieve the mission, 12 buses were mobilized in...

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December 2014

A new born in this end of year! Azur Evasion expands its fleet! We are counting a new bus “Grand Tourism” of 34 seats for smaller groups. Tiny and fast, it creeps in every corner not to miss the charms of Marseille and its region. He is already on the road and ready to welcome […]

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November 2014

Azur Evasion at the American time! The aircraft carrier USS George Washington was in transit at the Autonomous Port of Marseille from the 1st to 4th November. After a mission of 9 months, the marines discovered our wonderful city. During 4 days, Azur Evasion has been privileged to take 6000 marines on tour in the […]

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The biggest star in bus

Imagine the brightest football men of the world together in the same bus for a travel of more than 1000 km. It is not a new advertisement of Nike or Adidas, but the mishaps of the FC Barcelona in 2010. While the players prepare a match of the greatest importance (versus the Inter Milan in […]

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